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About Centre Now!

Centre College has not published a yearbook since 2006...

That means an entire decade of campus life has gone undocumented and unarchived! The Grace Doherty Library wants to change this! 

Centre Now! is a place for all students, faculty, and staff to share their campus life experiences. You may post images and/or stories, commentaries, and your own creative work(s) about absolutely anything:  campus events, the recent election, student organizations, Greek life, etc. Just click "Contribute an Item" from the side menu. But before you do that, be sure to read the guidelines below. 

  1. Please be respectful with your posts. This is a moderated site and we reserve the right to remove any statements, stories, images, etc., that are inflammatory, prejudicial, profane, or otherwise offensive.
  2. Post only your own work, for which you are the copyright owner; this applies especially to images.